The Freshly Pressed Viewpoint (or How to Go from 0 to 60 on a Whim)

So wow.

Yesterday I work up to work on a new blog post & check my blog’s stats. Stats I now realize were meager beyond belief. I’ve had this blog for several years, started it back in my blogging days (way back about three years ago, which is like 20 eons ago in dog years). I started this blog because I intended to gripe moan commiserate with others on my yearning to travel (a lot) and my lack of traveling (a lot). When you really *get* into social media, the first thing that hits you is d@mn look at all that great stuff I’m NOT doing. And oh, what is that uber-cool looking place? And wow, you live what kind of life where?

This is followed by the Google or Die phase, whereby you spend an hour (or 2 or 3) googling random exotic or remote locations that seem appealing around the world and reading about various lifestyles that allow certain people to blog all day long and taunt others with their coolness (read: the work and live anywhere life). Nice gig, if you can get it. And then you log off and go sit in the corner and lick your wannabe-them wounds.

This can not be good for your psyche.

So you stop reading about said lifestyles, only to realize you don’t have much to blog about.  Not really.

Unless you go back to blogging about current events, espousing your opinions on said events, tweeting and sharing those posts to any and all comers, hoping that your viewpoint matters simply because you wrote it.


I spent several months (give or take several months) being a blogger that was noticed (in certain corners) for writing stuff (sometimes witty, sometimes not) about new tech trends (mainly social media) and it led to some interesting opportunities and connections (for a minute).

In the meantime, I was raising four kids.  Running a household.  Trying to work a part-time stay at home job as an ESL teacher.  This was an awesome gig.  Talking to people around the globe.  Learning about new cultures.  Sharing my wisdom of language (I like to share knowledge doncha know).  And the juggling began.

Turns out, I’m not a very good juggler.

So I threw the balls in the air and caught the most important ones and let the others fall to the ground.  The biggest one to fall was the blogging.

That was in 2009.

And that was ok.

For awhile.

But I’m a writer at heart (I was scribbling on a notepad in the womb I believe).  You can never get too far away from the things that are your calling in life (believe that).  So the household has matured and things calmed down a bit, and I still can’t afford to live the *remote* *wandering* life, so I turned back to the one thing any yahoo (like me) can do from any corner of the world (any corner being that place that I’m not traveling from).

I started back to blogging.

It’s been all of two weeks.

And I wake up Friday morning, thinking of all the things I need to do, blogging wasn’t on the top of my list actually.  But I had an urge to login and think.

Lo and behold.

There it was.

The Last Thing I Expected To See

You can imagine my surprise.

Ok, maybe you can’t.  Let me explain.  I’m an early riser (really early) and I think I mentioned I’m a mother of four, so early mornings are when I have ME time.  Extremely important in the life of a mother.  This time involves really important stuff, like sitting by the window, quietly and doing… nothing.  This is really important stuff here, you see.  So I rarely log into my blogs early in the morning.  But yesterday I did.  And I’m glad I did or I would have missed the whole *big* event.

So I’m rubbing my eyes, thinking I’m seeing things, and yet there it is.  Me, Freshly Pressed.  So I let out a big *whoop*, waking up the family, and the kids rush over to see what’s the big deal.  They peer over my shoulder at the screen, look back at my excited face and say…

“What’s for breakfast Mom?”

Yes, I’m a pretty big deal in our household now.

The oldest is more than old enough to get it, but he’s so old he wasn’t up for the big *moment*.  Later in the day, I did get a “That’s pretty cool Mom.”  That was good enough for me.

And of course my husband was appropriately excited/pleased/encouraging.  “That’s awesome Babe.”

But never mind.

I’m still thrilled.

It’s not about the stats (although I went from 21 views as my daily high to a whooping 1.7k+), and it’s not about the bragging rights (can I get a job as a big time writer using Freshly Pressed as my calling card?), but it’s about the fact that someone (I’m assuming it’s a person and not just an algorithm or some such thing) somewhere noticed my blog post.

Wonder how that works.  In the hallowed halls of

Someone goes through random post tags (I’m guessing here), reads through a couple dozen/hundred/thousand(?) posts.  Finds a few they like and forwards that on to …  Who?  The Editors.?  The Team?   The Freshly Pressed Selection Committee.  (Can you see how much thought I’ve put into this?)

And the Committee upon further review, selects just one to highlight.  At that moment.

And the winner is…

Well, it was a big deal to me, and I want you to know I appreciate your being here and hope that I’ll live up to the Selection Committee’s judgement.

That I’m not just a one hit wonder.

I’ll try.

I’ll do my best.

Full Disclaimer:  I am the Wandering Dreamer.  You do get that, right?


But in the meantime, thanks for being part of my 15 seconds of *virtual* fame.


P.S.  If you’re thinking “Pfft. It’s not THAT big of a deal.”  I hear you.  I thought the same thing the day before I got pressed


10 thoughts on “The Freshly Pressed Viewpoint (or How to Go from 0 to 60 on a Whim)

  1. You have succeeded because you write clearly, passionately, humanly without being pretentious or pandering to your readers. I am sure much more success lies ahead.

  2. I really loved that post of yours, and how you involved psychology in a funny way, that’s why I reblogged it. You totally deserved this and I don’t think it’s not a big deal, if it’s something that cheered you up and made you happy, then it’s something wonderful, who cares what jealous people can think, haha. And I loved how you shared the moment with your kids and your husband, I’m sure this is just the first time of many! 🙂

  3. I selected your post for Freshly Pressed for a few reasons: I liked the easy-to-read list format and the distinctions you made in each social media description. I was also drawn to the overall look of your blog — I like clean designs, and this theme is particularly great. I’m also a big fan of writing that explores our Internet culture and the new ways we communicate, and liked your lighthearted take.


  4. Congrats! I just started a blog and I’ve been trying to keep in touch with those inspiring bloggers… So, here’s one! I want to learn how to share and invite people to visit my site. But in the meantime I have discovered blogging isn’t that easy! You have to do a lot of research, being faithful to your visitors, and further more, you have to write something as common as anything global to make people being interested in your stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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