Dreaming of the Good Life?

I’ve always dreamt of living near a beach in Hawaii.

I know, who hasn’t right?

But growing up on the west coast was like being a kid at the candy store window, just close enough to imagine being there, not close enough to enjoy it.  And my parents’ idea of family vacations meant weekend drives up and down the coast (so my father could golf).  Even though extended family was there, we never made it to the islands.


And now the Internet (with a capital I) exists and goes about its business with the sole purpose of tempting me.  Often.  Constantly.

With pictures like this:

Sunset at Sunset Beach – Hawaii

And blogs like this and this and this (oh yeah, I could go on and on and on…).  Maybe I will…

And hey, I’m not too proud (or too old) to tell you that I’m frequently left feeling like:


Could I get used to “the smell of plumeria in my house”?  You’d better believe it!  And thanks to the Ohana Mama for adding 14 other things I’m missing out on as well.

Don’t get me wrong.  My family and I, we live in a truly great city (when it’s not 35 freakin’ degs BELOW zero) and we enjoy the calm, shark-free beach (read: lake) that’s just a few blocks from our house (when it’s not snowed under by 3+ feet of icy white stuff).  And people in the Midwest really are very friendly (when they’re not so cranky about the Artic Chill blowing across their front porch).  And the professional sports options are awesome to an nth degree!  We are a die-hard sports family, and yes I know we wouldn’t get much of that in Hawaii.

But somehow I think I could live with that, if I could have a house like this:

Ok, ok, who am I kidding? That wouldn’t be life in Hawaii for me at this stage in my life (but this is all a great big lookingglass dream, so I’ll dream big!).

Actually, I would be 110% happy with a house like this:

Well, maybe a little less than 110% happy.  That house would challenge even the most romantic of dreamers, like me…

Ok, so maybe what I want is my life (modest, modern housing, really good schools, extremely safe neighborhood) transported to the tropical lushness that is paradise Hawaiian style.  My family, our life, in full technicolor living.  Lush breezes.  Luaus.  Fresh fruit all year round.

Ah, yes.  The good life.

Of course there is the tiny, tiny, ever so small issue of schools for our kids.  I think we’ve established (based on the house I want but can’t afford, and the house I could afford but don’t want) that private schools are out of the questions.  And anyone who’s anyone knows that the schools are struggling in Hawaii, which I find incredibly sad since (based on the money that flows thru there, you’d expect that education would get a slice of the tourist dollars pie).  And then there’s the issue of safety, as with all communities where the extremely rich live among the extremely poor, life gets tough at times.  I know that from my time in LA. Have you ever driven around just past Beverly Hills or just beyond Santa Monica & Venice?  Yeah, well, the dichotomy of life can be startling.  And, of course, I know paradise is what you make of it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that good stuff.

Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.

Dreams are all well and good, until you realize what you love about your present state of being.  And actually I love everything about my life right now (minus the weather meant for polar bears).

So, may be what I really want..

Is just….

A vacation.


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