At What Point?

Life is tricky.  Decisions, even more so.  There are so many paths to choose from, so many forks in the road from decision to decision.  And for humanity, we’re saddled with a mind that not only can take in all the options around us, but can imagine the unseen, beyond what is now. Think Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell.

Yet, I don’t want to have a debate about behavioral psychology just to reach a simple decision.  Today.

At what point do you make a decision final?  Where the little voice on your shoulder sits like Regis and questions intently “Final answer?”

Can we go back to the days of childhood, hanging on a moment, waiting for a consultation with the neighborhood Magic 8 ball?  Just ask and shake, don’t think…

Can we make life decisions, whether big, small, or indifferent, by consensus?  Throw a thought into the community pot and wait for the right decision to come out at the appropriate time?

As of June, 2012, there are 955 million active Facebook users.  500 million on TwitterPinterest comes in a strong third in terms of daily site visits, beating out LinkedIn before it could walk.

Are social networks courtesy of social media where we will find our answers?  The final frontier of extending ourselves as far as we can go without actually packing it up and finding a new planet?  Are we drawn to these multitudes of virtual connections so that we might gain insight, input, instincts from relative strangers?  Do we trust the global community more than we might trust our next door neighbors?

Decisions by virtual community.

Decisions by share, like, stumble, & tumble.

Decisions by circles, groups, networks, “friends”?

At some point, we have to return to thinking for ourselves.  Not being swayed too fully by the *crowd*.  Not being consumed too much by a *virtual* life.

At what point will we go back to original thought?


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