Adventure on the high seas!

View From Dar

This is the story of how I ended up stranded in a small village on the western coast of Madagascar, beyond the reach of any guidebook or map.

The week before, I had met two travelers from France, P and J, who had told me it was possible to rent a pirogue in Morondava and spend a few days sailing to Morombe, several hundred kilometres down the coast.  I was growing frustrated with the snail-like pace of travel in Madagascar, and this would allow me to bypass some of the most awful roads in the region.  A sailor I met in Morondava explained that it would take four days to reach Morombe, that we would sail in the mornings and I could spend the afternoons exploring fishing villages that are not accessible by road.

On the first day, we left Morondava shortly before sunrise and arrived in Belo-sur-Mer at noon. …

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