The Parent-As-Pseudo-Blogger-Who-Yearns-To-Travel


My Four Wonderful Kids

Hello.  And yes, I’m being lazy today, or so you might say.  I’m wandering through your dreams, looking for connections to my own, so that I might post your interesting life as something I’m….

Aspiring to.

Hoping to.



Excuses?  Nope.  None.

Reasons?  All my own.

Shelved career met stay at home parenting needs.  Which was a-ok with me.

I think.

Except when you trample on my accomplishments.

Like getting one to eat green beans.

Like getting one to dress in clothes. Mainly ones that are clean.

Like getting one to graduate.  On time.

Like getting one to take that tether just a little bit further away.

From me.

My purpose is to prepare them for living beyond me.

And I love that.

I think.

I have the greatest unpaid worth on Earth.

I think.

Parenting when I want to backpack on two feet.

Staying home, when I want to fly as far as wings can take me.

Working in the space between Mom and He and Bothers and Me.

Not enough time for all the HE’s can do, in the world.

Placing my dreams in a box, not meant to be opened for some time to come.

How long?

Who knows?

But in the meantime, I live vicariously.

Through you.


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