To Live and Die at Minard Castle

Sat Nav and Cider

Minard Castle, Dingle Peninsula, IrelandFields of Sheep with Minard Castle on Kilmurry Bay, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.

Dingle Peninsula Tree with TiresFollowing a long and full day of sightseeing on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, my husband and I were enjoying the drive to Killarney as we passed through a comparatively less-than-picturesque area. After so much natural beauty, I was amused to be reminded by this more industrial moment that people do actually live and work in paradise.

Dingle Peninsula Valley with Minard CastleBut not far beyond, just east of Annalack on the N86, we rounded a bend in the road and came upon a stop-in-your-tracks vista. This is the southern-facing view towards Kilmurry Bay.

Dingle Peninsula Valley, IrelandAnd this is the northern-facing view.

Dingle Peninsula CowsNot far from where we parked our car was a cluster of cows lazing and dining on the grass.

Dingle Peninsula Cow HerdingWithin minutes, a truck pulled off the road a dozen or so yards behind us. Without delay, a dog raced over to the cattle, roused them, and sent them on their…

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