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Simerg - Insights from Around the World

Text and photos by Malik Merchant

If readers were wondering, I am making a 4500km road-trip across the continent, and will resume blog updates with highly interesting readings once I reach my destination – Vancouver. Starting my journey in Ottawa, Canada, I have covered about half the distance in just over a week. I am not rushing – enjoying the drive at my own steady pace, maintaining posted speed limits, staying overnight at various towns and cities, and taking the time to visit some important landmarks and highlights. And, of course, calling my parents and (texting) my daughter about my whereabouts.

I marvel at the excellent facilities provided at the clean “Rest Areas” just off the excellent four lane highways every 90 to 120 kms. They allow me to stretch my legs, review the town and state information panels as well as pick up brochures. Straight ahead of…

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